Observations From The West

by Korrosive

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Recorded & Mastered by Greg Wilkinson At Ear hammer Studios In Oakland, CA - Dec. 2017 - Feb. 2018


released May 10, 2019

Korrosive on these Recording are:

Chris R. (Anti) Lead Vox & Guitar
Kevin N. (Kevi) Lead Guitar & backing vox
Jakobe M. (Jako) Bass & Piano
Emilio K. (Emi) Drums

Thanks to everyone who has been apart of this band over the years in one way or another, Punk worldwide, & Hardcore International


Art and layout by Anti


all rights reserved



Korrosive Oakland, California


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Track Name: Insitute
Sitting alone in a room
Staring at a broken mirror
Its easy to abuse, but how do you care?

Institute! X4

Running down the halls
Hatred internalized
Abuse of power, comes as no surprise!

Institute! x4

Standing at hells gate
Playing devils advocate
Its easy to abuse, but how do you care?

Institute! X4
Track Name: 1984
Avoid the watchful eye
the heavy hand of weighted oppression

Distort! Your Mind! Expose! The Enemy!

Being aware of your own mind, being aware of 1984

Thought control in the frame
A sobering from this delusion

Distort! Your Mind! Expose! The Enemy!

Being aware of your own mind, Being aware of 1984

Distort! Your Mind! Expose! The Enemy!

Distort your Mind........

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever!"
Track Name: Captial
The tax man is the reapers hand
Always wanting while I have nothing

Capital x4

The fat cats wear jesters caps
Laughing at my misfortune

Capital x4

Kill the king hang his head
Survival is their death!

Capital x4
Track Name: The Fringe
ch. Bought in and sold out

Perma-fried on hairspray fumes
Xeroxed attitudes
Fashionably over produced
Are you really you?

ch. Bought in and sold out

Glued out beyond repair
Stud counts and spiky hair
Cliché curate what you wear
Do you even care?

ch. Bought in and sold out
Track Name: War Hysteria
For 45 consecutive nights of all out attack
People huddle under bridges with plans to fight back
With 5000 dead and many more to come
It wasent the lucky who lived but those who could run!

War Hysteria x 2

As the bomb falls and the city scatters
The thing left behind that never really mattered
With no one around to acknowledge crime
The looters consume on someone else's dime!

War Hysteria x2

Fucking bastards!

This perception of war is far from myth
The German lightning came Down like an iron fist! 👊🏻
Track Name: Hiroshima
Observations from the west
A child's cloths reduced to dust
Nuclear nightmare never ends
atomic warfare never again!

Warhead directed east
monuments to a war on peace
atomic power mans corruption
M.A.D. Mutual assured destruction!

Hiroshima! x4

Nuclear nightmare means to an end
atomic warfare is happening again!

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